Session "Minorities and immigration"
16 July 19:00h Madrid time

Keywords: immigration, Roma minority, Internet, children rights

 Welcoming speech and Inauguration by Javier Dorado Porras, Deputy Director, Bartolome de las Casas Human Rights Institute, Carlos III University of Madrid .

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Session "Nationalism, recognition and free speech"
18 July 19:00h Madrid time

Key words: nationalism, national minorities, recognition,free speech, blasphemy


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Session "Animal rights and intercultural application of law"
29 July 19:00h Madrid time

Keywords: animal rights, species equality, culturally motivaed crimes, intercultural legal application

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Session "Indigenous Law and indigenous rights"
30 July 19:00h Madrid time

Kkey words: Indigenous law, indigenous rights, gender equality


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Session "Indigenous peoples and natural resources"
4 August 19:00h Madrid time

Keywords: Indigenous law, natural resources, Artic, food


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