Dignity, Democracy, Diversity

     29th World Congress of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and  Social Philosophy (IVR)  


                     University of Lucerne, 7 -13 July 2019

Special Workshop: Democracy, free speech and minorities

Covenor: Prof. Oscar Pérez de la Fuente (Carlos III University of Madrid). Personal website: http://www.oscarperezdelafuente.com

Call for Papers

Free speech laws are special in that they are dependent on different legal cultures. The American -negative liberty- approach and the German -positive liberty- approach to free speech are not the same. This is especially important from a minorities’ perspective because members of the minorities are victims in free speech issues such as hate speech, religious insult, limits of humor and  right to protest.

The internet is a new scenario for democracy, diversity and free speech. These different legal cultures have different answers to free speech minority issues but internet rules mean free speech has a global dimension, as the Yahoo case has shown.

How can we strengthen democracy and protect the rights of minorities without undermining free speech? What kind of limit on free speech would be justifiable to protect minorities? Waldron presents the idea of dignity to reinforce that hate speech must be legally regulated.

In the Muhammad’ cartoons affair discussion, one of the arguments from the minorities was this case constituted a collective defamation and vilification of a vulnerable group. One of the cartoons was considered a form a hate speech because Muslims were targeted as terrorists.

On the other hand, limits on free speech and fears of censorship are  the main classical concerns for liberal arguments. Restriction on free speech, especially political speech, must be especially justified in a democracy. Therefore, right to protest should be interpreted by the courts in board terms, not in a formalistic way.

An important issue on democratic legitimacy is how to treat people who don’t think like me or who are simply different to me because democracy is both the rule of the majority and respect for the minorities. Minorities and free speech are a good subject to test the quality of democracy in a society.

Abstracts (up to 400 words) and other information queries should be sent to oscar.perez@uc3m.es. Deadline for early registration in the IVR Congress: 31 of January 2019 Deadline for sending abstracts: 1 March 2019. Deadline of papers acceptance: 20 March 2019. 

Social Sciences Journal, indexed in Scopus, will publish the Workshops communications of those authors who meet, and whose work meets, certain requirements. Full details are available by writing to the Covenor (email: oscar.perez@uc3m.es)

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